Preventive Health Measures


Behavioural or mind health issues are growing day by day and creating evidence, which impacts human personal and work life. Mind health problems are among the most important contributors to the burden of Chronic diseases like Diabetes, High & Low Blood pressure, Asthma, Thyroid problems, Hyper Acidity. They are as relevant in both low income group and High new worth individuals with across age, gender and social strata. Even in future predictions, these mind health problems are going to increase.

In this modern world, prevention is always better than cure. But there are many barriers to achieve prevention of disease. These barriers range from educational, behavioural factors to cultural and economic considerations. For Example Ignorance of risk, Lack of choice, Cultural pressures, Over-confidence.

We offer Mind Health Consulting sessions as preventive measures for following chronic diseases

  • Diabetes
  • High and Low Blood Pressure
  • Asthma
  • Thyroid Problems
  • Hyper Acidity

Our Individualised consulting service can address each person’s unique problems & needs

These sessions are conducted for individuals and small groups.


  • REBT Psychotherapy
  • Breathing & Yogic Meditation Techniques
  • Indian Yogic ‘Nyasa” Techniques
  • Visualisation Techniques

For individuals - 1 Month course
For Groups - 5 Hours sessions

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