Jeevan A. Vaishampayan

Mind Health Consultant

REBT Psychotherapist, Mindfulness Practitioner,Yoga Therapist and Career AdvisorĀ 

15 years of diversified experience in IT, ITES, Insurance, FMCG, Tourism, Media & Education Industries

Touched the lives around thousand people through coaching, counselling & facilitation services to students, Professionals, Businessmen, Artists and Corporates.

I have around 15 years of diversified work experience and I've worked as a Co-Founder and Director of two Private Limited Companies in the Educational Segment. Previously, I had successfully contributed my efforts in Strategic Business Development of IT & ITES, Insurance, FMCG, Tourism and Educational Industries. However, a deep exploration of my values and the purpose of contributing efforts for human wellbeing changed my ideology of success.

After becoming a Certified Psychotherapist, Certified Instructional Designer and Certified Career Advisor, I could touch the lives of more than thousand people through my trainings, coaching, counselling sessions and behavioural facilitations. My work spans through a diversified basket that includes students, professionals, artists, businessmen and corporates.

Corporates have appreciated my efforts for developing the rationale of productivity in their respective industries. My focus is always towards developing the internal aspects of a human being. It helps in establishing peaceful productivity within the organisations.

In short, my work develops an integrated reasoning system and enriches the psychological health of the participants. My aim is to develop internal harmony within human beings by channelising their thoughts, emotions and thereby empowering their intrinsic potentials towards success.

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