Workplace Counselling


In modern fast paced world, there is no organisation which has stress-free employees. Many employees are suffering from Over-Stress, Anxiety, Restlessness arising out of workplace related issues like managing deadlines, meeting targets, lack of time to fulfil personal and family commitments.

Professional counselling help organisations’ employees sort out the difficulties that may be causing them trouble in the workplace. Employees would get Mind Health counselling to help them resolve their problems. This short term therapy programme typically focus to clarify the problem, implement the solution and monitor the progress. Employees become healthy, which results in more productivity in them and healthier relation at work and personal life.

Workplace counselling is a provision of Psycho-therapy for employees of an organisation, appointed by an employer. This external support also called as Employee Assistance Programme, which includes face to face counselling for selected group of leaders or all employees. This service is treated as an ‘in-house’ service wit partial employment.


Confidentiality is the most important factor in any Workforce counselling program. Counsellor has most important responsibility to protect identity of individuals who is availing the service. Even counsellor create a comfort zone in those employees so they can trust the counsellor with their personal concerns. All communication between a counsellor and an individual is privileged and carefully protected.

Benefits to Employers:

  • Offers employer a service that is valued by the employees
  • Decrease costs related to attrition, burnouts, absenteeism
  • Improvement in employee performance & therefore increase in productivity
  • Offers a constructive solution in dealing with ‘difficult’ staff or situations
  • Contributes to their reputation as a caring employer

Benefits to Employees:

  • Easy access to experienced practitioner
  • Provides support and helps the individuals to understand their problems
  • Helps in identifying the problems and getting clarity
  • Helps in better decision making
  • Coping up with the current problematic situation and the stress

Our Individualised consulting service can address each person’s unique problems & needs. These sessions are conducted for employees on one—one basis


  • REBT Psychotherapy
  • Breathing & Yogic Meditation Techniques
  • Indian Yogic ‘Nyasa” Techniques
  • Visualisation Techniques

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