Productivity & Performance Enhancement


We have very limited time to perform in our work & in personal life too so making the best of our own become critical. In the work environment, behavioural problems affect many employees — a fact that is usually overlooked because these disorders tend to be hidden at work. But the stigma attached to having a behavioural problem is such that employees may be reluctant to seek treatment — especially in the current economic climate — out of fear that they might jeopardise their jobs. Business Leaders also need behavioural help to manage the teams. Behavioural problems generally go unrecognised  and untreated results in reducing productivity and performance.

Consequences of low productivity


  • Increase in overall sickness absence, particularly frequent short periods of absence;
  • Poor health(depression, stress, burnout);
  • Physical conditions (high blood pressure, heart disease, ulcers, sleeping disorders, skin rashes, headache, neck and backache, low resistance to infections).

Work performance

  • Reduction in productivity and output; • increase in error rates;
  • Increased amount of accidents;
  • Poor decision-making;
  • Deterioration in planning and control of work.

Staff attitude and behaviour

  • Loss of motivation and commitment
  • Burnout
  • Staff working increasingly long hours but for diminishing returns
  • Poor time keeping
  • Employee attrition (particularly expensive for companies at top levels of management).
  • Relationships at work
  • Tension and conflicts between colleagues; poor relationships with clients

We offer consulting sessions for individuals and corporates. Benefits of consulting sessions to employers and employees are as follows;

Benefits to Employers:

  • Overall Productivity Enhancement
  • Resolving confict
  • Resolving communication problems
  • Dealing difficult employees
  • Enhancement in qualitative performance
  • Improving team dynamics
  • Improvement in time management

Benefits to Employees

  • Increase in concentration level
  • Increase in confidence level
  • Enabler for active and clear communication
  • Clarity in confusions in mind
  • Improve decision making power
  • Relief from tensions in work and personal life
  • Make emotional balance
  • Increase in understanding of expectations
  • Have healthy relationships
  • Make good life choices
  • Maintain physical health and wellbeing
  • Handle natural ups and downs of life

Our Individualised consulting service can address each person’s unique problems & needs.

These sessions are conducted for individuals and small groups.


  • REBT Psychotherapy
  • Breathing & Yogic Meditation Techniques
  • Indian Yogic ‘Nyasa” Techniques
  • Visualisation Techniques

For individuals - 1 Month course
For Groups - 5 Hours sessions

For any professional help, contact +91-98220-24674 or

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