Steps for introspection to touch the inner space of mind


When you face any challenge in the life, where do you see to get the solution. Normally we try to discuss with friends & family or read something resourceful or listen some so called motivational videos or the best way to do googling. But do you really get the answer or solution for your challenge? 

Solutions to your challenges are not sitting ready-made for you in some basket. You have to drill down around your challenge to understand the real problem. But how to drill down around the challenge? Doing introspection honestly within yourself can be one of your resource to find the solution. But generally people misunderstand the process of introspection. They end up become more anxious and negative after the introspection because they choose the wrong way to do it. Now we are going to see few steps to do honest introspection.

Self Awareness or Mindfulness:

When your thoughts and emotions are playing their role in your brain, at the same time all those emotions are reaching out to your body as feelings with the nervous system. When you feel angry, you body may start shivering or your eyes may get reddish. When you feel scared, your heart may pounding fast or you may be sweating. These are the effects of emotions on the body. Every emotion has its own effect in the body, which we can recognise as feeling. But normally people don’t recognise or neglect such feelings in the body.  Recognising our feeling in our entire body is a first step of self awareness or mindfulness. 

When you try to peep inside your mind, you might find lot of chaos. But as you start becoming mindful, it helps to regulate yourself to respond to any situation in the life. You can aware yourself what is exactly happening inside your body and mind.

Art of Questioning:

When you start asking questions to yourself, you become in a hurry to get the right answer. But in behavioural perspective there is no right or wrong. So you should consider this fact in mind and ask questions to yourself. First you should ask about what your feeling inside your body, make yourself aware with your feeling. You typically ask why question and your brain is going to point towards your pre-defined belief only. So avoid to ask why questions and ask what or how questions to explore your possibilities.

Actually you have an idea about your strengths and weaknesses well but you don’t want to put yourself in tough situation. You are hesitant to ask difficult questions to yourself and trying to escape with situations. But how long are you going to escape, some day you’ve to face it. So it is better to ask the questions which will feel like peeling of onion step by step.  It is going to give clarity to your performance and decisions. Don’t make any hurry to drill down and to get an answer. It is going to take time to come out of your beliefs and explore the possibility. But you should do this regularly so consistency is going to help you explore. 

Beyond Perspectives: 

Introspection is not only about finding your faults or mistakes. So it is about finding your limiting beliefs which are becoming an obstacle to perform and go beyond the perspectives you have set before. Once you try to go beyond your perspectives and start asking solution focused questions; you are going to get potential possibilities or answers. So don’t confuse yourself and don’t hurry to choose the option. These are just possibilities so apply practical parameters to those potential answers. 

Introspection and reflection is time consuming process so set some time-line to do this home-work everyday. Keep some patience to do it regularly so it will help you clear your dilemmas and give confidence to stand in any situation. This process is going to help you align yourself everyday or every moment with your set goals.

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