Focus on process & not on target

Focus on process & not on target

In our routinely life, we do have many targets to achieve in our personal & professional life. Many of these targets are set by us for ourselves. We used to achieve many of the targets from the list. But over the period, we become more obsessive & aggressive in achieving those targets. As a result, we become impatient & panic for not seeing the results. First we need to understand, why we start loosing on targets over the period of time?

As we start achieving success in set targets, we become used to it. We start setting up more complicated or difficult targets to achieve. But we do have little bit more mental pressure of being successful as we are habitual in completing the targets on regular basis. Here we start focusing on targets only. Achieving success is the best phenomenon happens in our life but what it takes to achieve it is important. Process involved in achieving success is more important than achieving actual success. We do have two types of satisfactions in our success. One is achievement satisfaction & second is process satisfaction. If you are not involved in the process, you won’t be satisfied in the achieved success for a longer time. Let’s take an example. 

If someone had given me a target to reach Mumbai or any city in a specific time & few amount of money. So I have target of time & money to reach Mumbai. If I start telling you about going to Mumbai again and again, I would not be reaching to Mumbai in any case. So what should I do? I need to make a list of possible options or mediums to reach Mumbai. Ship, Flight, Train, Bus, Taxi, Bike, Walk, Run these are the options to reach Mumbai. But now I need to shortlist based on time & money. I would prefer Train. I go to station, book a ticket. Sit in a train to go. Train had gone more than half of the distance, but unfortunately can’t go ahead. I came out of the station & start looking for bus. I start my travel by bus. Bus had taken me some of the distance. Now I start walking and after one cross road, I take a cab. Cab puts me down just before my targeted destination. Now I start running to reach the destination and I reached it in time. I have achieved success in my target. But Imagine for a second, If I call Spiderman or Superman to take me to Mumbai, he might have come & taken me to destination within my time & money. I would have achieved success but I would not have enjoyed it as I enjoy it after all of my efforts to achieve the success. 

So we have two types of satisfactions in our success. Process satisfaction is more important than achievement satisfaction. If you’re focused & involved in the process, achieving success in your targets is not away from you.  

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